Rules and Etiquette


Dog Park Rules

  • You are responsible for your dog’s behavior
  • Users assume all liability and risk related to use
  • No aggressive dogs
  • No dogs in heat
  • Male dogs over 6 months must be neutered
  • Dogs may not be left unattended
  • Dogs must be vaccinated
  • Clean up after your dog
  • Small children must be attended at all times
  • No smoking in SLO County Parks

All County ordinances apply

The intent of the new small dog park is to create a safe space for smaller dogs or any dogs that don't want to be hassled or dogs that might otherwise be uncomfortable in the bigger section of the park. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Elderly, less active dogs
  • Puppies receiving their initial socialization
  • Timid dogs that might have fear aggression issues in the normal park section.

We ask your help in enforcing these guidelines. We will revisit the guidelines periodically to make sure we are best serving the needs of our four legged friends and their people.

If you have questions or comments, contact us via email at

Dog Park Etiquette

  • Enter the first gate and close gate behind you.
  • Remove dog's leash and prong collars,
  • Open second gate and enter park, only one gate open at a time.
  • Monitor your dog's behavior. Interfere when there is inappropriate behavior and redirect your dog to another behavior.
  • Once you and your dog are in the park, keep an eye on your dog so you can be sure to pick up after him.
  • As other dogs come in, dogs already in the park have a tendency to crowd the gate as they greet the incoming dog.
  • Call your dog to you so that the newcomer can enter the park,
  • Feel free to point out to and individual that their dog needs to be picked up after.
  • If you and your dog are new to the dog park, we suggest you come  when there are fewer dogs. Typically there are fewer dogs on weekday mornings and early afternoons. The park gets heavy usage Mondy through Friday after work hours and on weekends.